Hump Day Post: The Year that was!

Well, another year almost over, how did we get here already?

This will probably be my last post for 2016. I’m very happy to say that this Christmas is going to be a very special one. I have my daughter visiting from Europe and my sister from interstate, so I know it’s going to be a fun time 😊

Sorry I haven’t been as active with the blog as normal, but, there’s a perfectly good reason for it and you’ll find it here.

Sending a couple of wishes out there:

Cape Range NP, WA, July 2015, (13 of 216) July 2015

May most of your days be sunny, but if not, remember there’s blue skies above the grey clouds

Wenonah Head Beach, Urunga NSW

LOVE to the world

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Festive Season or a Happy Holidays – which ever one resonates with you and I’ll see you next year.



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My passion has been for many, many years landscape photography so when the chance came up to retire early, in order to travel, I took it! It made sense then to marry the two (travel and photography) and create this blog. I hope you enjoy it :)
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4 Responses to Hump Day Post: The Year that was!

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy but more importantly Healthy 2017. 🙂 Here’s hoping you continue to conquer those medical challenges and cruise on down the recovery road. This time of year may those special granddaughters of yours also get everything on their Santa wish list. Take care and see you next year in the blogging community. 🙂

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  2. Going to be an awesome Christmas indeed!


  3. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and all the best of wishes for your speedy recovery. I’m sure all of the nomads out there will want you back on the road asap 😀


  4. RuthsArc says:

    Wishing you a very happy holiday season. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, Sonia, and hope the new year is a positive one with improved health for you. Take care.

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