Hump Day Post: Believe it or not…

So, my last post was back in August and during these few months my life has been turned upside down and changed for ever…

You may recall that I had a very painful right leg since April and try as they might, the doctors could not come up with the cause. It was diagnosed as Arthritis, Bursitis, a pinched nerve and finally after months of incredible pain, the REAL cause was revealed.

I have cancer in numerous places and the prognosis was not good!

Once I was diagnosed, my life has been a wind whirl!

I’ve been Scanned, X- rayed, had Nuclear Imaging, surgery to have a Gamma Pin placed on my right femur, a biopsy of my L5 vertebrae, had two lung biopsies, a short course of radiotherapy on my back and right thigh, all through a thick fog and blurred vision created by pain killing medication.

So far, I’ve sported a walking frame, crutches and a cane along with a grimace of pain – not a pretty site 😗

Ironic to think I named this blog ‘Retired2Travel’ as that was our intention and we did a pretty good job for a several years.

I even ventured out to China in June with a friend through incredible pain that I was led to believe was a pinched nerve – it turned out to be that one of the tumours had eaten away my femur leaving the bone as thin as a finger nail – hence it flexed with every step I took. Lucky, that was operated on as soon as it was diagnosed!

Smiling through the pain 😐

I need to say a BIG THANK YOU to my incredible family and friends for their support. During this time, I’ve felt very loved and cared for.

Mr Oz: has been my brain, eyes and ears. He’s taken everything on board, has been my guiding hands, my shoulder to lean on, my mouth piece when I was too foggy to comprehend or reply. All in all he’s shown his love with myriad gestures of gigantic proportions. Thank you Hon, I would not have liked to take this journey without you. You are an amazing and adorable man. I love you!

My daughter Siân: who’s living in Germany, got on a plane as soon as she heard the news to stay with me for a month (thanks to her very understanding company which allowed her to work from a remote location), during her visit, she was my physio, cook and researcher. Thank you so much for your huge effort, E!

My daughter Catherine: who lives around the corner from me with a very young family was part of my research team and as well as bringing my beautiful grand daughters with her for me to get my Angels Fix on a regular basis. My grand daughters have given me so much strength – it’s unbelievable. Thank you so much for your effort, Cath!


My Angels Fix ❤️❤️

My sister Manuela: who lives interstate has made a couple of trips to be my personal assistant, keeping my medication on check, making sure I took vitamins / supplements on time, helping me with daily injections after the operation and not to mention the moral support she has always given me. Thank you, so much. You are such a special sister to me – I know you know that!

My sister Ana: who lives in Wales, (UK) came so that us three sisters could share some laughter, talk about our younger days, swap thoughts and ideas and be my personal shopper together with my sister Manuela. Thank you for creating so much laughter – it’s the best medicines I’ve taken!

Friends: who ordered meals, cooked meals, brought meals, flowers, cards, good wishes and added me to their prayer group.  Thank you all so much – I know many times you guys made me cry with your kindness. I’m forever in your debt!

They say, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. I’d never realised, ‘It takes a village to care for someone!’

This, by the way is not an obituaryon the contrary!!

These things have given me love, strength and courage to take on the big ‘C’.

It has given me a greater purpose in life than I ever had before!

I want to sit beside Mr Oz on the proverbial rocking chair holding hands;

I want to support my daughters and be part of their lives;

I want to read books, play with my grand daughters and watch them grow;

I want to see my daughter in Germany getting married;

I want more catch up times with my sisters;

I want to be a better friend to my friends;

I want to be a better person and return love and kindness a thousand folds;

And I want to live to see many more sunsets!


What greater reasons could there be to live?


About Retired2Travel

My passion has been for many, many years landscape photography so when the chance came up to retire early, in order to travel, I took it! It made sense then to marry the two (travel and photography) and create this blog. I hope you enjoy it :)
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13 Responses to Hump Day Post: Believe it or not…

  1. Amy says:

    So glad your pain is over and are recovering. Thank you for the post, happy to see you again. Take good care! 🙂

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  2. You are inspiring! I love that pic of you “smiling through the pain” and continuing to do the things you love, despite it all. Sending you good vibes and energy. ❤

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  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your medical challenges, but you are certainly lucky to have such a supportive family. I have had one brother-in-law and three friends all fighting the cancer fight this year. I am happy to say one has had surgery, another completed treatment, one is awaiting surgery, and the other one has just started treatment. So far, all four are working their way through the maze of recovery. I send you my best wishes and prayers for strength to keep you going down your treatment path and then on to recovery. Post periodically and keep us up to date. Your blogging family cares as well. 🙂

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    • Thank you Judy for your kind words. I wish your brother-in-law and friends, love, prayers and energy to help them through their journey – God knows it’s not an easy one! Thank you too for being such an active member of my blogging family 😊 I’ll post when and as I can. Take care.

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  4. Debbie H says:

    Sending you positive thoughts as you fight on. Your family sounds wonderful and supportive which is just what you need at this time. Take care.

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  5. Catherine says:

    You’re the best Mumma! I want you around to watch many more sunsets too. I’m glad the girls cheer you up- they adore you, just like I do xoxox

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  6. empty00000 says:

    Mama, I can’t wait to be back there beside you, bossing you through your physio and somehow making everything stick to the non stick pan. You’re the toughest, the best, the most wonderful. I’m so glad I picked you to be my mum. Xx

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