Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

This week, share a photo that has a little something extra: an unexpected visitor, or a tranquil landscape with a splash of color.


I had to look twice when passing this log and that was only after my husband pointed it out, otherwise I would have missed him! They are good chameleons lizards and this one was basking in the sun as the clouds broke away to reveal its warmth.

Lizard on log

Lizard on log

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My passion has been for many, many years landscape photography so when the chance came up to retire early, in order to travel, I took it! It made sense then to marry the two (travel and photography) and create this blog. I hope you enjoy it :)
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8 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

  1. Debz says:

    That’s a great pic, no wonder you had to look twice at the log!!


  2. seeker says:

    It seems to camouflage with the log!


  3. Thank you! Unless you’re looking for it, you wouldn’t know it was there.


  4. jules says:



  5. Tina Schell says:

    Amazing how nature takes care of its own, isn’t it?!


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