Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

This week’s Photo Challenge is Community. Although it doesn’t necessarily have to mean ‘people’, I chose it as this special event is forever printed on my mind.

The Date: May 2012

The Place: Munich, Germany

The Event: Bayern Munich Vs Chelsea for the 2012 UEFA Champions League final


We were extremely lucky to have been staying in Munich during this time and it was an experience of a lifetime!

I’d never seen Marienplatz looking like this! The chanting of the teams – calling and response was exhilarating, the passion for the sport, evident whilst the beer flowed ever so freely!

The underground network had a meltdown, the Police, in force directing supporters and locals trying to go about their business ‘as usual’ had to walk home amongst a sea of red and blue. The atmosphere was electrifying and every establishment donned the biggest Plasma they could summons with tables and chairs overflowing not only to the sidewalk, but across certain streets that were closed to traffic!

Even if you weren’t into the sport, you got swept away by their passion.

The winner: all those who took part on the day from players to supporters.

The actual Finals was won by Chelsea!

The outcome: a fantastic day was had by yours truly and I’m sure a lot more…

Bayern Munich Vs Chelsea for the 2012 UEFA Champions League final

Bayern Munich Vs Chelsea for the 2012 UEFA Champions League final

Full  house

Full house

Marienplatz Underground

Marienplatz Underground

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  2. so that’s munich city center? Didn’t think it would look so interesting.


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  4. Zen says:

    A lot of people are wearing red in support of a team. Am I right?


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