Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Today’s Photo Challenge is Habit.

Habit: The stuff of the everyday — places we go, things we do, people we see.


I had to think really hard for this one as I’m not overly a creature of habit. I tend to do things more if I feel like it and not if I don’t 🙂 I had a look through the Posts to get ideas but none struck a cord with me. I asked myself, ‘What do I do on a regular basis?’ and the answer came as quick as a flash. I see my Grand Daughter almost everyday, so I guess that she’s become my habit. I happen to think she’s gorgeous and would defy anyone to tell me different 🙂

I tend to say I need my ‘Neve fix’ instead of a coffee or sugar fix. So, here’s my ‘habit’ – my beautiful Grand Daughter Neve!

Studious Neve

Studious Neve

Quiet Neve

Quiet Neve

Playful Neve

Playful Neve

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  3. What a cutey! She looks habit forming!


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