Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This week, share what you see on the inside. It could be something literally inside, like these birds in the rebar or the inside of your home or favorite hideaway. If you’d like, go in a personal direction — share a photo of your best friend laughing, showing how she feels on the inside, or an arresting shot of your son’s blue eyes (windows to the soul, dontcha know). This is also a great opportunity to put what you learned in Jeff Sinon’s guest post on composition into practice.


I’ve just come back from a weekend of caving at Janolan Caves, or should I say one six hour trip that finished me off for the weekend:)

I’m aching all over with bruises to my knees and elbows from crawling in and out of various passages – mental note taken to get knee and elbow pads. We went in at ten and came out at four in the afternoon and apart from stopping to have a bite to eat, we were on the go for the six hours. A great weekend all said and done.

Taking photos in wild caves is challenging due to the fact that there are no lights like in show caves and the only light source is the one you take. Chambers vary in size so ‘slaves’ need to be used according to the chamber size. Other challenges are dust and condensation which fogs up the lens.

So, this is my entry for this week: inside the cave.

Drip from a stalactite

Drip from a stalactite

Caver taking photo

Caver taking photo

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